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As of writing this, I have been living in my perfect little coach house property for around 2.5 years.

When I first bought it, it was super tired and basically needed stripping back cosmetically. Seeing as I am an ex-electrician who loves DIY and interiors, this was the perfect investment for me.

My office is the most used room (and the smallest!) in the house, however it’s probably my favourite now after renovating it.

Let me show you the process of getting it to where it is today…




Lincolnshire, UK

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A Peak Inside...

About My House

My coach house was built in 2006 and it only had 1 owner prior to myself buying it.

It’s only a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom with open-living space for the living/dining/kitchen area along with a very much needed 1.5 garage space! But overall, I just love it.

I think we can sometimes run away with having more than we need to “keep up with the Jones'” as they say. But at least for now and the foreseeable, I can’t see me wanting to move to anywhere bigger.

The Story of My Home Office...

When I first purchased this house, the walls were magnolia but imagine 16 year old magnolia paint…so basically not very inspiring to say the least!

Take a look at what it looked like when I first viewed the property…

So as you can see, it’s not terrible and I’ve seen much worse, but it was far from the style I envisioned.

The office was the first room in the house I decorated with my original planned layout and style which you can see here:

A bit better…however, it still wasn’t overly inspiring to me.

(Also, I know it looks as though the clock isn’t seriously off center, but I promise it is center of the desk – I think it must be the angle of this photo lol!).

It felt 'all white' but not the wow factor

After saving a lot of inspirational images from Pinterest and Instagram along with a couple of drawings which planned out all my cable routes etc…it felt a lot clearer with what I wanted to achieve.

I know I wanted to include the following features:

With all that in mind, I started to strip out my existing desk and measure up for the cable routes, brackets, supports etc…

Stripping It Out

And get some nice dark paint on the wall...

Let's not forget the 'car port' for my robot vacuum

Robot vacuum home office hideaway

Having somewhere my robot vacuum could park and charge overnight without it being visible/in the way was something I definitely wanted.

Having had it previously charging up my TV unit in the living room (with half of it sticking out) just didn’t look the best.

I’m loving this now and with it all being black, it’s hard to even notice it’s there which I love.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are super satisfying and you just know when things start clicking into place, just like you visioned – a great feeling!

So now, it’s just a simple case of mounting the monitors, installing the wireless phone chargers and tidying up the cables below.

Wireless phone charger desk home install

Before & After

The satisfying swipe before & after, if only it was this easy to swipe and have it done – however, there’s no fun in that is there…

Home office tour conversion - before Monochrome modern home office tour renovation

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Has This Helped You?

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If you have any questions on this or would like to know anything else, feel free to drop me an email or comment below.

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