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I bought into the Swan Stealth range a few years ago in 2021. I was sold on the aesthetics, especially the matt black finish.

I have owned the Swan Kettle, Toaster and Microwave and can honestly say, I would buy them again. Let’s take a deeper look into this Swan Stealth Toaster review…

Swan Stealth Black Toaster Review

My Verdict

I give the Swan Stealth Black Toaster a five-star review. After owning it and using it multiple times per week for the last two and a half years, I haven’t had any issues and is still in great condition.

If you like the look of it and need a 4 slot toaster, I would go ahead and buy this without any hesitation.

Key Features

  • 4-Slice Capacity
  • Reheat, Defrost, Cancel
  • Independent Controls
  • Self-Centring Guide
  • Removable Crumb Tray
  • Variable Browning Controls
  • Cord Storage
  • Stylish Matt Black Casing
  • Blue LEDs

Is the Swan Stealth Toaster Any Good?


After owning this toaster for the last 2.5 years, I can say I have had no issues at all and would recommend to anyone considering this, to go ahead a make the purchase. Great design and very robust!


It offers all the features you would expect, such as reheat, defrost, and cancel functions, as well as independent controls for each side.

Matt Black Swan Stealth Toaster

Ease of cleaning

It is super easy to clean. It has a really handy removable tray at the back under each set of two side which collects all the crumbs. This gets a lot of use from me, that’s for sure!

Plus, the outside, a simple wipe down and you’re good to go.

Swan stealth Bread Crumb Trays


Probably my favourite part – I love it. It looks and feels great. The matt black is a lovely colour and the texture is a ‘rubbery’ feel to it which adds a premium feel to it. Plus it’s a great mix with the matching Swan Stealth Kettle, Toaster and Microwave.

User reviews

I’ve taken a look around and the average star rating review I would say from other customers is around 3.5 stars. A couple of negative but overall, a good functioning toaster which looks great.

You can read my other post on best black toasters here if you want to see what other toasters are on the market.


It isn’t the cheapest toaster on the market, however, if you want to go for a premium look at feel which matches nicely with the Swan kettle and toaster, it’s a great choice.

I’ve owned this for 2.5 years now and had no issues, so when you look at it like that, it’s great value for money.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Overall, on this toaster, I can say there really aren’t a lot of drawbacks at all.

Other than the standard annoying part of toasted crumbs making their way around the kitchen surfaces (which you’ll get naturally from any toaster).

However, thanks for the removable crumb trays at the back, this helps keeps it to a minimum.

I guess, if you wanted this toaster but only need 2 slots rather than 4 – this would be a drawback as there is no option for just a 2 slot toaster.

The only other thing I would say which would be a great feature would be to have some smart features, i.e. start toasting at X O’clock and works with smart speakers such as Alexa, Google Nest.

Performance & Design

Toasting efficiency

Thankfully you get a good coverage and even toasting across multiple bread sizes and types.

To be fair, if you buy larger slices of bread or you cut your own fresh bread, depending on the height, you may have to flip it as the top can sometimes be too high.

But for your standard slices, no problem at all.

Versatile functions

With its reheat, defrost, and cancel functions, this toaster caters to a variety of toasting needs. The reheat function is handy for warming up cold toast (a function I have never used, but great to have). While the defrost function is useful for toasting frozen bread without any fuss.

Independent controls

The toaster’s independent controls for each side allow you to customise the toasting settings individually which is super handy. This feature ensures that you can toast different types of bread or accommodate varying preferences for browning at the same time.

Sleek and stylish

The Swan Stealth Toaster has a great stylish design, featuring a luxurious matt black casing. Its modern aesthetics can complement a range of kitchen decor styles, especially if you go for the matching stealth range.

4 Slot Toaster Swan Stealth

4 slice capacity

Have the 4 slice capacity, it’s suitable for households with multiple members or for those who frequently entertain guests during breakfast.

Swan Stealth Toaster Black Cord Storage

Cord storage

The toaster includes a cord storage feature, helping you maintain a clutter-free kitchen counter by neatly organising the cord – saves having the ugly extra long cable on show!

Easy maintenance

Cleaning is made easy with the removable crumb tray, which collects breadcrumbs and can be easily emptied to keep your countertop mess-free.

Safety Tips

  1. Keep It Stable: Place the toaster on a stable and flat surface to prevent it from tipping over while in use.
  2. Maintain Clearance: Ensure there is enough space around the toaster to allow for proper ventilation and prevent overheating.
  3. Monitor During Use: Never leave the toaster unattended while it’s toasting. Keep an eye on the toasting process to prevent any potential issues.
  4. Use Dry Hands: Make sure your hands are dry when operating the toaster to avoid electrical hazards.
  5. Don’t Overfill: Avoid overloading the toaster with items that are too thick or large for its slots, as this can lead to uneven toasting and potential jamming.
  6. Clean Regularly: Keep the crumb tray clean and empty it regularly to prevent the buildup of crumbs, which can pose a fire risk.
  7. Unplug When Not in Use: Always unplug the toaster when it’s not in use, especially if you have children in the house.
  8. Avoid Metal Objects: Never use metal utensils or objects to remove stuck items from the toaster while it’s plugged in. Use wooden or plastic tools if needed.
  9. Check for Damaged Cords: Inspect the power cord and plug for any damage. If you notice frayed wires or exposed conductors, discontinue use and have the toaster repaired or replaced.
  10. Keep Flammable Materials Away: Ensure that flammable materials like paper towels, napkins, and curtains are kept well away from the toaster.
  11. Use the Correct Voltage: Make sure the toaster is plugged into an outlet with the correct voltage as specified in the user manual.
  12. Regular Maintenance: Periodically check for signs of wear and tear, and have the toaster serviced or replaced if you notice any issues.

Where Can You Buy The Swan Stealth Toaster?

SwanFree£79.99Buy Now
Wayfair£4.99£62.99Buy Now
JD Williams£3.99£79.99Buy Now
AmazonFree£62.99Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the matching kettle and microwave range?

You can buy the full set from Swan themselves here.

What should I do if my toaster gets jammed?

Unplug the toaster immediately to prevent any electrical hazards. Use wooden or plastic utensils to carefully remove the jammed item. Ensure the toaster is cool before attempting this.

Are toaster crumbs harmful?

While toaster crumbs themselves are not harmful, excessive buildup of crumbs can pose a fire hazard. It’s important to regularly clean the crumb tray to prevent this.

Is it safe to leave a toaster plugged in when not in use?

It’s generally recommended to unplug a toaster when it’s not in use, especially if you have children or pets in the household, to prevent accidental activation.

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