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Not everyone chooses to go for a microwave in their kitchen, which I can completely understand. I rented a room for 2 years and had no access to one which I thought would be a struggle, however, it’s definitely manageable.

However, if you are on the hunt for a nice black microwave, my Swan Stealth is a great choice. I’ll take you through an honest review of the good, the bad and the ugly.

You can also take a look at my buying guide on the best black microwaves if you want to see what other options are out there.

Swan Stealth Microwave Review

My Verdict

Should you go ahead and just buy the Swan Stealth Microwave?

My answer: Yes

It has all the minimum features you’d expect whilst offering a sleek, modern and minimalist design which also looks great with the matching Swan Stealth range.

After owning this for 2+ years, I would still buy it again.

Key Features

  • 800 Watt Power
  • 20 Litres
  • Reheat, Defrost, Express
  • Black matt finish
  • LED Display
  • 60 Minute Timer
  • 3 Power Levels
  • Removable Turntable
  • 2 Year Warranty

Is the Swan Stealth Microwave Any Good?

In all honesty, yes.

It looks great and does everything you want it to. I find it quiet enough (as my living and kitchen space is an open shared space), it’s not too loud over the TV which is always a bonus!

My favourite parts of it are:


The matt black finish and ‘rubbery’ feel texture really adds a premium touch, and for the price you pay, it’s a great offering.

The black mirrored door also is a great feature. I just think overall, it’s like the ‘Apple’ of microwaves in terms of design. Super sleek and modern.

It also matches really well with the Swan Stealth Kettle & Toaster.

Easy of cleaning

Super easy to clean and wipe down (inside and out). With the removable turntable, it’s super easy to take this out and clean inside thoroughly.

The outside cleaning again, is also super simple. I have some great cleaning hacks here on how to clean the outside of a black microwave which you may find useful.

Customer service

Overall, no trouble at all, however, after around 18-24 months, my microwave just stopped heating up.

But what I can’t fault is Swan’s customer experience – couldn’t have asked for more helpful support. I simply had to send through some images of the microwave, cut the cable and recycle correctly and within a few days, a new microwave was sent out.

So if the worse case happens for you too, you’ve got the knowledge that Swan’s customer service and replacement policy has you covered.

Swan Stealth Matt Black Microwave Review

What's Not Good About the Swan Stealth Microwave?


Unfortunately, for me, after around 18 – 24 months, my microwave just stopped heating up. I believe it was a faulty magnetron so it had to be replaced which is a shame.

Hopefully, this was just a one off issue that I experienced, but I need to make you aware of it in case it is a faulty part within the Swan Stealth range.

As said above, following on from this fault, Swan’s customer service and replacement offering I cannot fault. So please note, if you do go for this, you’ve got piece of mind that you are covered in case this unfortunately happens for you too.


As it’s only 800 watts, you may find it not as quick as other 1000 watt options out there. For me, this isn’t an issue but it may be for you.


If the 20 litre capacity is too limiting, then going for a larger 32 litre may be better for you. However, the larger the capacity, the more worktop space it’ll take up in your kitchen.


For me, this isn’t an issue as I like the simplistic approach, but it doesn’t have heating features like other options, i.e. Fish/Chicken heating options.

If you like the simple approach though, you can disregard this as a negative.

Swan Stealth Microwave Buttons

Performance & Design


This microwave really nails it when it comes to versatile cooking. The three heating options – reheat, defrost, and express – cover almost all your cooking needs. Whether it’s a quick warm-up of leftovers or a rapid defrost, this microwave has you covered.

20 litre capacity

For me, the 20 litre capacity is just perfect. It’s spacious enough to handle a dinner plate or a casserole dish, but it’s not so bulky that it takes over your entire worktop. A fantastic middle-ground choice that ticks all the boxes.

Modern look

I absolutely stand by my claim that this is the ‘Apple’ of black microwaves. Its design is streamlined, modern, and minimalist, ticking all the aesthetic boxes while offering top-notch functionality. It’s a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds!


You’ll find the controls incredibly straightforward. Buttons and a dial take the fuss out of operating this microwave, making it a breeze to use. It’s so user-friendly, I’m giving it a 5-star rating for this part.

LED display

The LED display is genuinely a standout feature. Offering five brightness levels, it’s easy to read whether you’re cooking in daylight or during a late-night movie session heating up the popcorn (if your kitchen & living room is open space like mine of course).

The LED is a small detail, but for me, it really enhances the overall experience.

Swan Stealth Microwave Back View

Safety Tips

  1. No Metal: Never put metal utensils or foil in the microwave. They can cause sparks and even a fire.
  2. Lid It: When heating liquids or saucy foods, use a microwave-safe cover to prevent spills and splatters. This keeps your microwave clean and you safe from hot splashes.
  3. Watch the Time: Don’t overheat foods, as this can lead to burns when you remove them. Always follow the cooking instructions.
  4. Handle with Care: Use oven mitts or towels when removing hot items to avoid burns. Let microwaved food sit for a few minutes before stirring or eating.
  5. Child Safety: If you have kids, make sure the microwave is out of their reach or has a child lock feature to prevent unsupervised use.

Where Can You Buy The Swan Stealth Microwave?

SwanFree£119.99Buy Now
Wayfair£4.99£120.80Buy Now
JD WilliamsFree with FREEDEL40 code£119.99Buy Now
Donaghy BrosFree£121.99Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Swan Stealth Microwave easy to use?

Absolutely, it’s very user-friendly. The buttons and dial make operations smooth and simple.

What's the capacity?

It has a 20 litre capacity, which is perfect for heating a decent amount of food without hogging all your worktop space.

Is it energy-efficient?

The microwave has an E rating for its heating category, which is fairly standard for microwaves.

Can I adjust the brightness of the LED display?

Yes, the LED display has five levels of brightness, so it’s easy on the eyes in any lighting condition.

What's the warranty period?

It comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, the interior is made of aluminium, making it easier to wipe down and keep clean. Read my in-depth microwave cleaning advice here.

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