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Black kitchen tiles have always been a symbol of sophistication and elegance in home design.

Whether glossy or matte, they bring a depth and richness to the kitchen. However, the real magic happens when these tiles are paired with the right colours.

Let’s take a look at the best colour combinations to complement black kitchen tiles, transforming your kitchen into a harmonious and stylish space.

Review Summary

Black Kitchen Tiles - Monochrome finish

Monochrome Elegance


  • Timeless design: Never goes out of style, fitting well with various decor themes.
  • Striking contrast: Offers a dramatic and visually appealing look.
  • Design flexibility: Easy to mix with different textures and accent colours.
  • Brightening effect: White elements reflect light, making spaces feel larger.


  • Stain Visibility: White surfaces show smudges and stains more easily.
  • Can feel cold: Without warm accents, it might seem stark or sterile.
  • Colour limitation: Not ideal for those who prefer more vibrant kitchen themes.
  • Balance challenge: Getting the right mix of black and white can be tricky.

The classic black and white combination is timeless (and my personal favourite)!

White cabinets and countertops against black tiles create a striking contrast and for me, they just ‘pop’.

If you’re going for a minimalistic, modern or even traditional designs – this is a great choice for you.

For a softer look, you should consider off-white or cream. These hues provide warmth and comfort whilst balancing the boldness of black.

Metallic finishes for black kitchen tiles

Metallic Accents


  • Adds luxury: Elevates kitchen design with a rich, luxurious feel.
  • Introduces warmth: Balances the coolness of black tiles.
  • Design depth: Creates a layered, interesting look.
  • Versatile: Fits various kitchen styles.


  • Trend dependent: May go out of style as trends change.
  • Higher maintenance: Can show fingerprints and tarnish over time.
  • Cost: Quality metallic fixtures tend to be more expensive.
  • Can overwhelm: Risk of overpowering the space if overused.

Going for metallic tones like gold, copper or brushed nickel add a touch of warmth and luxury.

Imagine a copper kitchen tap or even kitchen sink – this would look so premium when it contracts against the black tile backdrop!

This is getting my brain cogs ticking for my own kitchen now…

Red and Black Kitchen Tiles

Bold Colours


  • Energises space: Adds vibrancy and life to the kitchen.
  • Striking contrast: Offers a visually stunning contrast with black tiles.
  • Unique expression: Allows for personal style to shine through.
  • Creates focal points: Draws attention to specific areas.


  • Overwhelming: Bold colours might dominate a small space.
  • Balance needed: Requires careful pairing to avoid clashes.
  • Trend dependent: May quickly feel outdated as trends shift.
  • Resale factor: Specific colour choices could impact home’s market appeal.

If you’re wanting to go for a more daring, vibrant kitchen then make sure you pair your black tiles with bold colours such as red, orange, or deep blue.

The great thing about the colour black is that it makes such a nice backdrop, so when you use these colours, they really do pop against the black, creating a lively and energetic space.

However, it’s important to use bold colours sparingly, as accents or focal points or it can very quickly become too overwhelming for the space.

Earthy tones to go with black kitchen tiles

Earthy Tones


  • Natural feel: Brings a calming, serene vibe to the kitchen.
  • Complements black: Enhances black tiles without overwhelming.
  • Inviting atmosphere: Adds warmth for a welcoming space.
  • Decor flexibility: Easy to match with wooden elements and greenery.


  • Risk of dimming: Some tones might darken the space.
  • Decor limitation: Could tie you to a specific style.
  • Balance is key: Requires careful blending with black to avoid a cluttered look.

When you choose to go for more earthy tones like olive green, terracotta, or wooden hues, they can really complement black tiles beautifully.

These colours evoke a natural, calming vibe which is ideal for creating a welcoming kitchen environment.

Also by working with wooden cabinets or including greenery (home grown herbs?) can effortlessly bring these tones into the space.

If you grew your own herbs, it’s a win win, adds in the greenery whilst saving money + smelling lovely!

Black Kitchen Tiles Pastel Colours

Cool Pastels


  • Contemporary look: Adds a trendy, stylish touch to the kitchen.
  • Softens harshness: Light pastel shades offset the boldness of black tiles.
  • Airy ambiance: Creates an open, light atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • Decor flexibility: Pairs well with various modern design styles.


  • Practicality concerns: May not suit high-traffic kitchens or those with kids.
  • Aesthetic balance needed: Requires careful pairing to avoid mismatched looks.
  • Vulnerability to fading: Pastels might fade over time in the kitchen environment.

Pastel shades like baby blue, mint green, or lavender offer a chic and trendy look.

Once this is paired with black tiles, these colours soften the overall appearance.

If you’re going for a contemporary kitchen that feels light and airy – this is the choice for you!

The Black Tile Backdrop

So overall, the colour black offers (I think) the best backdrop which makes anything in front, pop!

So when you go for black kitchen tiles, you can have a lot of fun with your complimentary colours/finishes.

Whether you prefer a bold and energetic kitchen or a subtle and soothing space, there’s a perfect palette to match.

The key takeaway here is to balance the strong presence of black with colours that reflect your personal style and the overall atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen – just make sure it’s not too overwhelming.

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