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So, you’ve got those sleek black appliances in your kitchen. They’re stylish, modern, and super versatile, but the question is…what colours work best with them

While black is a classic that plays well with many hues, choosing the perfect palette can elevate your kitchen to the next level. Let’s explore some colour schemes that make those black appliances shine and give that all important ‘wow-factor’ to impress your visitors…

Best Colour Options

Black and white kitchen interior

Classic White

The appeal

You can’t go wrong with a black-and-white kitchen. It’s timeless, elegant, and works well in both modern and traditional settings.


Play around with textures to add depth—think white subway tiles or shiplap against your black appliances.

For the bold

Add a pop of colour through decor like a bright red teapot or vivid yellow stools.

A black and white kitchen is my go-to choice. The clean, white backdrop not only makes my black appliances pop, but it also complements my black kettle and toaster beautifully. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style, offering a crisp contrast that’s just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. With black and white, you’re also free to add little pops of colour here and there, maybe through some vibrant mugs or tea towels, without overwhelming the space.

Black and grey kitchen interior

The Greys

Why it works

Grey offers a softer contrast to black but still maintains that modern, sophisticated vibe.


Light greys for a brighter look, or dark greys for a more dramatic effect.

Finishing touches

Metallic accents in silver or gold can add a splash of luxury.

Grey hues offer a modern, subtle contrast to black. Dark or light grey can either dramatise or soften the appearance of the appliances.

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Black and earthy tones kitchen interior

Earthy Tones

Warmth and comfort

Think beige, taupe, and soft browns. These shades can warm up the coolness of black appliances.

Pair with

Wooden countertops or cork flooring for a natural, earthy feel.


Earth tones are easy on the eye and incredibly versatile.

Beige, taupe, and soft browns are great for warming up the starkness of an all-black kitchen. They’re not just calming; they’re incredibly versatile too. A beige countertop or taupe backsplash does wonders to soften the bold statement made by a black kitchen sink. These earthy hues blend seamlessly, creating a harmonious space where both practical and decorative elements. It’s a balanced palette that offers a cosy yet stylish finish.

Black and pastel pink kitchen interior


Light and airy

Pastels like soft pink, baby blue, or mint green can lighten the visual weight of black appliances.

When to use

Ideal for smaller kitchens or spaces with lots of natural light.

Mix and match

Blend different pastel shades for a playful yet refined look.

Soft pink or mint green can lighten the visual weight of black appliances. They’re perfect for small kitchens or spaces flooded with natural light.

Moody blue and black kitchen interior

Moody Blues

Why blues

From navy to teal, blues offer both contrast and harmony with black.


Blue also complements metallic finishes beautifully, be it stainless steel or bronze.

Keep in mind

The shade you choose will set the mood, whether it’s calming light blue or invigorating turquoise.

Blues are a fantastic choice in a kitchen, especially when you’ve got appliances like an air fryer or microwave with metallic finishes. Navy to teal, they bring a sense of calm and sophistication. These shades not only contrast well with black, but they harmonise beautifully with metallic elements like stainless steel. With blues, you’re adding depth and a bit of personality without overpowering the space.

Red and black kitchen interior

Vibrant Reds and Yellows

Make a statement

These colours can inject life and energy into the kitchen.


Since these are strong colours, use them sparingly. Maybe just a feature wall or kitchen island.


Red can stimulate the appetite, making it a common choice for kitchens.

These lively colours inject energy and excitement. Use them sparingly to avoid overwhelming the space.

Black and green jewel kitchen interior

Jewel Tones

Luxe vibes

Think emerald green, rich purples, and royal blues.

The effect

These colours add a touch of glamour and work amazingly with black appliances.

Suggested use

As an accent colour or for your kitchen island.

Emerald green or royal blue add a luxurious touch. They make a stylish and bold statement when paired with black appliances.

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All black kitchen interior style

Monochrome Magic

All black

Yes, you can go all-in with black. This gives a sleek, uniform look.

How to execute

Use varying textures and shades to keep things interesting.

Add depth

Incorporate lighter elements like a white marble countertop or cream walls to break the monotony.

An all-black kitchen is a design dream for me. It’s sleek, cohesive, and ultra-modern. To add depth and avoid monotony, I love mixing textures and shades. Think a matte black microwave beside a glossy black kettle, or a charcoal worktop to offset jet-black cabinets. These subtle differences in finish and tone elevate the whole look, making even everyday appliances like the microwave part of the overall design statement. It’s not just a kitchen; it’s a carefully curated experience.

Colour wheel for black kitchen appliances

The Colour Wheel Approach

One overlooked strategy is consulting the colour wheel. Complementary colours are opposite each other and offer high contrast (think red and green). Analogous colours are next to each other and provide a harmonious feel (like blue and green).

Tips for Picking Your Palette

  1. Test Samples: Always test paint samples before committing.
  2. Consider Lighting: Natural and artificial light can change the way a colour looks.
  3. Future-proof: Trendy is fun, but will you still like it in a few years?

So, What Is Your Choice of Kitchen Colour?

Choosing the right colour scheme for your kitchen with black appliances is fun and can be a way to express yourself – I know my home interior sums me up pretty well!

So whether you choose the monochrome approach (like me), the vibrancy of jewel tones, or the calmness of pastels, your choices can and will make a significant impact. Use this guide to experiment, play around with swatches, and create a kitchen space that’s not only functional but also a true reflection of your style and personality – remember to have fun too!!

I hope this helped, now go on and create that perfect best black kitchen.

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