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About Best Black

Welcome to Best Black, a blog exclusively devoted to homewares and fashion accessories in hands-down THE best colour: black (okay, perhaps I’m a little bit biased).

This blog, written and curated by me, Lee, came to life in 2023 and was born out of my love affair – some might say borderline obsession – with black. From the clothes I wear down to the electrical sockets in my home, it’s a bit of a running joke among family and friends.

Living in my small but perfectly formed coach house for the past couple of years has been the ideal place to indulge my own interior design style.

I came up with the idea for this blog as a way to share my passion. Whether it’s a bathroom radiator, a kettle or bamboo socks, if it comes in black you can bet I’ve done the research on it! In fact, it’s the one topic I’d like to call myself an expert in as it’s genuinely something I live and breathe.

At Best Black, I’ll be sharing my shopping experiences, latest discoveries and wishlist items, as well as offering comprehensive reviews that weigh up whether you should part with your hard-earned cash.

Keep an eye out for guest contributors sharing their insights and advice on black-themed fashion and interior design, as well as some dramatic monochrome home tours.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll consider joining me on the dark side!

A glimpse into my monochrome interior…